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Wendy’s Employee Turned Entrepreneur Marketing Online – Keshia’s Story

Have you ever thought about making money from home?

Maybe an internet business?

If you’re like me, “as you look around you see ALL these people are making money on the internet and a lot of It!”

Well, today you are going to hear an interview that I did with a New Member of our Team, Keshia Raines, It’s really inspiring….

So take a few minutes and listen in and find out how Keshia is Becoming an Entrepreneur Marketing Online…

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Everything she does is for her daughter, Zykirah.

Entrepreneur marketing online - ZykirahIsn’t she cute? She’s definitely a good reason, wouldn’t you agree?

I just found out that Keshia is building her business with her phone…

Not prospecting and stuff, it’s a smart phone and she is able to market her business online from her phone.

I thought this was really amazing because I thought you at least needed to have a computer…

maybe I’m getting old.  :)

I guess a smart phone is a computer, isn’t it.

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Entrepreneur marketing online

It just might be time for you to find out what it’s like to “be in business for yourself and not by yourself.”

You know, I think the biggest obstacle is that nagging little fear…

What if it doesn’t work?

What if there isn’t any training?

I don’t know if I could do this or not…

The list goes on and on, I know, because I’ve felt them and thought them all…

“What I found out was that it was new to me, it wasn’t hard.”

I was fortunate to get involved with this business because I have support, with all the training provided, simple step-by-step. “All I had to do was plug-in.”

Right now Keshia is building her team and she is looking to help you become an entrepreneur marketing online as well…

So what are you waiting for, Click this here now, and you will go to a presentation that will give you the information that you seek.

Leave a comment below, I’d like to know if Keshia has inspired you!

To your Home Business Success!!

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