Do You Remember a time of Real Freedom in Your Life?

I think that when we were kids, there was at least a time of Real Freedom in our lives. Can you remember a time like that for you?

I sure can, I felt the most Free when I was in high school riding skate boards with my friends.

No limits,

The wind in my hair,

The Pure Adrenaline of catching air

or landing a new trick.

You know we had a lot of fun,

but we really pushed each other hard.

We were all striving to be better and we had healthy competition. We were also accountable to each other.

And at the same time More Free than Ever.

A lot has changed since then, and a lot has stayed the same.

Check out these cool pics. I’m not sure who took them, but I’m sure glad that I have them. :)

Real Freedom

That’s me at Loma Vista Parking Lot. I bet I could still do that. :) Just kiddin’… a little.

There was a lot of confidence that came with becoming good at skating. We used to have crowds all around us on Friday and Saturday night watching us. And of course we obliged in showing off.


On top of the world.

OK, so here’s some of my friends that I skated with.

I wonder if you can figure out what year this was?

Post a comment below of what year you think this was.

Skating now is quite a bit different than it Real Freedomwas then.

Even the boards have changed.

Hey, can you guess which one of those guys is me?

OK, enough reminiscing.

This is about Real Freedom Today!

When you get the Bug of Freedom you just can’t let go!

As an entrepreneur, you think outside the box. You really don’t go with the flow. You do however serve those that do.

Are you Free?

If not, are you ready to be free?

Are you ready to step outside of the box?

It’s all a shift in the mind.

And it’s important, just like when I was a kid, feeling the wind in my hair, skating as fast as I could, that you have a team, a support group, some people that have done what you want to do.

You will need encouragement.

You will fall and scrape your knees and bust your chins. But you know, that’s all part of the fun. These are the things that create the greatest memories and learning experiences.

There is no other way other than to just do it., But having a team there for support and accountability is a must!

You know having a Home Business is not hard, it’s just new.

The more you get in and do it, the better you will become and the easier it will be!

Having Real Freedom in your life is just a decision. If you’re looking for a support team of Real People, that have done what your are looking to do, then email or call me. We can kick it around and see if there’s a fit.


To your Home Business Success!!

Robert Frank
Success Coach

Robert Frank


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