Poop and Inspiration – Seriously… What does one have to do with the other?

poop and inspirationNow that’s a good question!

I’m actually glad you asked!

So, I just received a comment on one of my blog posts that you can see here and the comment was so inspiring, that I just felt compelled to share it!

I have just met Gary and have found him to be an inspiration! Gary is a Life, Business and Social Media Coach and has dedicated the last 25 years to personal development! I recommend checking out his blog and while you’re there, be sure to catch some of his radio interviews!

So here’s the Poop and Inspiration Quote:

“Keep getting up – There are countless people watching us for inspiration to help them through their struggles. There is a seed of good with every ‘bad’ situation, the poop we encounter serves as fertilizer for our dreams.” – Gary Loper

I hope this has been as inspiring for you as it has been for me. If you got value from this post, please leave a comment below, share some of your poop and inspiration stories!

To your Home Business Success!!

Robert Frank
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Robert Frank


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