Is ID Life the Right MLM Business for You? – Actual IDLife Review

Hat’s off to you! The fact that you are here right now tells me that you are doing your due diligence in researching the IDLife Business Opportunity!

So many people don’t even take the time for due diligence, they go to a meeting and are excited and they just sign up. So I’m proud of you and this tells me that you are Serious about a business to make money from home!

When deciding on a business to be involved in, it is important to research the business and it just as important, if not more important to look at who you will be getting involved with.

More importantly, how are you going to market your new Enterprise? How will you generate leads, create customers and find new people to be in your business with you?

In this in depth IDLife Review you will not only learn about ID Life, founder, products and compensation plan, but also about finding the right sponsor and how to generate leads for your IDLife Business.

Logan Stout – IDLife CEO and Founder

idlife review logan stoutLogan is a highly sought after motivational speaker and sales trainer. He has previous experience in network marketing, this is a big deal, as he understands the needs of the field. He has a proven track record of building businesses and more importantly building people.

He is a man with high moral values and ethics with a christian background. When you meet him you will know that he is genuinely interested in you and your success. Find out more about Logan Stout here.

 IDLife Review: Products

ID Life stands for “Individually Designed Life.” and the flagship product ID Nutrition stands for “Individually Designed Nutrition”.

What’s unique about the IDLife program is the ID Life Assessment. You go through a survey and answer the questions and this let’s you know what exactly you need to take customized for you.

This way you’re not wasting your money on supplements and vitamins that you don’t need and provide no value for you. Exactly what you need everyday.

This is revolutionary in the supplement and wellness industry and will give you that “edge” when marketing your products and business.

You can take your Assessment here for Free.

Below are a list of the IDLife Products. You can find more detailed information about each one of them here.

  • ID Nutrition
  • ID Life Meal Replacement Shake.
  • ID Life Appetite Chews
  • ID Life Sleep Strips
  • ID Life Energy Chews
  • ID Life Energy Drink

IDLife Review: Compensation

There are some really great things about this company like: if you only sign up as a member, and you sign up two associates, you will automatically become an associate and start earning $100.00 on every new associate that you add to your team! Why is this a big deal?

Because… if you are on a shoestring and really want to start a business and make money, this allows you to work your way up. Sometimes you just have more time than money! [Individually Designed Opportunity].

As a member you receive a 10% discount on all ID Life purchases and you will receive a 10% commission on retail sales. You can actually qualify for 3 & Free and the $200 bonus once you have 9 customers! As a member you don’t qualify for any other commissions until you become an associate.

This is one of the most attractive parts of the ID Life compensation plan, as an associate you receive 30% commision. This is really a big deal, because this means that you can actually make an additional income from sharing the products with people and gaining new customers.

See, most people that get involved in a network marketing opportunity are not comfortable with finding people to sign up in their business with them, at least for a while. But if they can Actually make money selling the products, then they will get excited sharing the opportunity.

This is unique to IDLife because most companies pay a small percentage of like 2-5% of the sale, so when you have a customer, just imagine how much you have to sell to make any money. Then the only money that your can really make is in recruiting new team mates. This becomes difficult, because you’re not making money on the product sales.

There is a great car bonus program.

The residual income appears to be calculated on a dynamically compressed uni-level with matching bonuses and a global pool!

This is a very fair and lucrative compensation plan. For more detailed information check out this page.

IDLife Review: Recommends Jeff McGeary

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jeff and have found him to be passionate about his business and his team. He is a true leader and has the ability to assist you in your business. You can find out more about Jeff here.

Below is a review by Jeff of

IDLife Review: Marketing

So what is your plan for marketing your business? Who are you going to talk to about your business?

Are planning on making a list of all the people that you know and calling them?

Are you planning on just bumping into people at the mall and grocery store?

Are you planning on dropping cards on the floor at the restaurant or leaving them in the bathroom?

Where will your customers come from?

Where will your team come from?

These questions need to be considered when evaluating a business. I can also tell you that if you don’t have an internet presence that you’re not in business.

You can generate leads and sales for your business. You can find new business partners for your business and it’s actually easy.

If you’re not interested in bugging and chasing your friends and family, but you are serious about building your business, then I would like to suggest learning the simple methods of attraction marketing for your business.

Thank you so much for reading my IDLife Review and spending some time with me. Please share your thoughts below!

To your Home Business Success!!

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