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It’s so important to syndicate your blog content in order to get more traffic and rank in the search engines. I’ll briefly explain how I am syndicating my content in order to get back links and rank. I’ll also explain briefly how I handle on site SEO.

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How to Increase Blog TrafficThe purpose of this post is to share what I have just discovered from Mike Hobbs on how to increase blog traffic with a Facebook Syndication Group. The side benefits of this have proven to be amazing. This is the type of activity that will propel you to Expert Status in no time!

All of your activities in your home business should be done on purpose.

So what is the purpose of syndicating your content and what’s the difference between manual syndication with a group and automatic blog syndication with a service?

Benefits of Content Syndication

The number one benefit of syndicating your content to increase blog traffic is to get back links.

Not all services are the same, it is important to get good quality backlinks to your blog. Back links from authority sites in your same niche. This one activity is the number one key to ranking your blog in the search engines. I didn’t start ranking my content until I started using this service.

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You should also know that you need to do your part right by having your post optimized for your chosen keyword that you are targeting. I use a really good WordPress plug in to help me with this part. I don’t know how I would get the on page SEO right without it.

You can check it out here.

As you learn how to increase blog traffic with syndication I want to share with you the additional benefits of syndicating your content with a group.

You will be receiving back links by doing this, probably not as many. I recommend using both strategies in conjunction. That’s the best way how to increase blog traffic that I have found.

Have you noticed how hard it is to get your fist comment on your blog or youtube video?

Have you noticed how hard it is to get your first like or share?

This solves it so, not only are you getting additional back links, your are now getting comments and engagement! Once this is started it is easier for others to start to comment and share and like. This engagement really propels you to expert status quickly! Which helps you build credibility and become an authority to those that are following you, as they start to know, like and trust you.

The side benefits of being in a Content Syndication Group are probably the biggest benefits. You will be reading other people’s posts and watching their videos. You will learn from them, you will create relationships with others in the group so you can give and receive feedback. This is so important. I have found it to be really fun and fulfilling!

I just met Alex Bender through a syndication group and he just created a new one. We are currently seeking people that are involved in internet marketing, Affiliate marketing, or network marketing to be in the group. There is absolutely no spamming or promoting allowed. It is Free to join.

You can check it out here.

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Resources Discussed in Video

Squirrly SEO Plug in

Audience Builder Pro Conent Syndication Service

Join Content Syndication Group

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