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I was asked recently on a blog post that I did a little while back, “How do you Find a Mentor?”

That’s actually a great question, is that the question that you have as well? If so, I want to share a few things with you that will answer your question and give you a great start on your search.

So first of all we need to determine what a mentor is. A mentor is simply a person who has a specialized knowledge that you are seeking to learn that can guide, assist and be an example for you to get to where you want to go in that specific area of your life.

I have had many mentors in my life, some are long term and some or short term.

Some I have actually met and worked with on a one on one basis and others I have not actually met in person per se but our mentors through a book or a course or something like that.

You are Going to Find a Mentor Here Today

In this post what I’m going to share with you, is a real treat because I’m going to introduce you to one of my greatest mentors in the home business world. He just did one of his weekly calls tonight, and it inspired me to share this with you.


Because he shared the exact skills that are going to be necessary for you while seeking out the mentor that you seek.

Jeffery shares real “life” skills. This Exceptional Call is called: Meaningful Conversations.

I have had mentors that I pay for, and mentors that are for free. For example a mentor could be your accountant who helps you with your business and things of that nature that you don’t know as much about it as they do.

One of my life long mentors or at least for the last 15 years has been my pastor at my church. He is a person that I look up to and model my life after, as he follows Christ. He’s a person that I can talk to in confidence and he can advise me and give direction.

My grandpa has been a great mentor throughout my entire life, he’s been a very great example for business, for living life to the fullest, to how to love and cherish.The biggest example is seeing his marriage with my grandma and the example that they both have set forth on how to live life and love their family.

Find a Mentor in Network Marketing or Home Based Business

old church mentorI’ve had a mentor named Dan Gibson, from a home business that I was involved with several years back he taught me many things.

One of the biggest things that he taught me that I just remember and don’t ever let go, that we are looking for “:long term mutually profitable business relationships”. I always liked that, “mutually profitable”. and “long term”. is where we both “Give and Receive” in the relationship.

I remember the day that I learned this from Dan, we were struggling to get by, we had just made the rank of distributor in that company that we were in and we had been doing weekly meetings and we were rising up as leaders in the company.

I remember the struggle just to get the gas to drive to this event where Dan was going to teach us the strategies that we needed to take our business to the next level, to become sales managers with this particular company. As he was our upline sales manager.

This was about a two hour drive away and we were driving an old 1976 4 door Nova, it was in the middle of the summer and we didn’t have air conditioning and it was hot. we were sweating I don’t know if you know about Missouri summers, high humidity very hot.

And so we arrived soaking wet if you can imagine from the sweat, our shirts were all wet, dripping off of our faces, hair wet and everything like that.

But the interesting thing I remember was “we were in great moods and our attitude was great”


“we had hope”

of what we were going to be learning and the strategies that we were going to learn to take our business to the next level.

So we sat there in the old Church up in Rayville, Missouri and we started discovering some of the basics about building relationships and building a network marketing business that have stayed with me ever since. Timeless truths and principles about working with people and building relationships and I just want to say that “I’m so grateful to have had that experience and learn from my mentor Dan Gibson”. Check out his blog here! <<

Can you Find a Mentor in Books?

Many books that I’ve read such as Think and Grow Rich, The Go Giver, Go Givers Sell More, It’s Not About You. Each one of these books have been a mentor to me I have learned so many things from these books. I remember the way my eyes opened when I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki such a powerful book and concepts

The cashflow quadrant understanding that simple truth has been a big impact and though I’ve never actually met Robert Kiyosaki, he has been a mentor to me.

I started to understand the difference between self employed and a business owner. This was a big eye opener for me as from time to time I would find myself in the employee quadrant but mostly I was in the self-employed quadrant.

And I’ll tell you that Robert described in his book the self-employed mindset and he’s right. It’s a struggle getting out of the self-employed mindset and to become a business owner. But since reading his books it has been a goal of mine to shift from a self-employed quadrant into a business owner and investor quadrant.

How to Win Friends and Influence People. Dale Carnegie a mentor of mine.

My greatest mentor, Jesus Christ from the Bible the Son of God.

Another mentor is Norman Vincent Peale, wonderful book, You Can if You Think You Can. It’s funny how I came across this book You Can if You Think You Can because “it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read and one of my most cherished!”

It was several years back and I was at a thrift store looking at the books, it’s amazing the kind of books that you can find at a thrift store I got this book for a dollar. One of my favorite books. You Can if You Think You Can by Norman Vincent Peale one of my great mentors.

Steven K Scott another one of my mentors wrote a book called Richest Man Who Ever Lived – King Solomon – Secret to Success Wealth and Happiness.

On your journey of finding a mentor, what you’re going to find is so much of everything is “attitude and mindset” it’s been said that “your attitude determines your altitude”.

Jim RohnJim Rohn one of my mentors I actually had the pleasure of meeting Jim Rohn and shake his hand in Cancun Mexico. I heard him speak live at that event. That same event where I was able to walk across the stage and be recognized as becoming sales managers in that company that I talk to you to you about before where I was mentored by Dan Gibson.

Jim Rohn recommended a book that I Got based on his recommendation called The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Classen. This is a must read book. The basics of financial literacy, the must knows about your finances. These basic and timeless principles are what you need to know to have a successful financial life.

So if you’re actually looking for a one on one mentor or maybe a business or success coach, you’re going to want to do some research and find out if the person that you’re looking to mentor you… if you’re going to be able to connect at all… If they have what you’re looking to attain. and most importantly

“are you willing to submit to their leadership and be coachable and teachable.”

Most successful people no matter what area of success that you’re talking about are glad to share what they know with their pupil.

“What they’re not interested in doing is wasting their time.”

If they see that they are mentoring somebody and they are following their direction and their leadership then they are glad to stay and continue to provide guidance as “it is as much of a joy for them as it is for you.”

Many times the success coach or mentor that you’re looking for charges a fee for his services and this is okay depending on what you’re looking to accomplish much like paying for an accountant to do your taxes or keep your books.

But there’s also another way, if you join in a business which is MLM or a “Hybrid Type” of an Internet / network marketing business, then it would behoove your sponsor to mentor you…

As he has a vested interest in your success. But let me caution you, you want to find out if they are actively pursuing the business that you want to pursue, and what are their stipulations for investing time into you.

Because again, successful people generally love to give their time and and attention to those who follow through on their instruction they are not looking for people who want to complain or do not follow through.

So again, when you are in search of a mentor make sure that you are ready to be mentored.

This is a truth that I have found to be true it has happened over and over and over again in my life. And that is…

“when the student is ready the teacher arrives.”

So as you make a commitment to the endeavor that you’re looking for a mentor, and as you start taking action and start to pursue your dream, during this action and actually doing it with commitment that will draw the teacher that you seek to you. This does not mean that you’re going to sit around and just wait for one to arrive. “It’s in the doing that it happens” it’s very hard to explain because it’s the unexpected from different areas that this happens. Let me give you an example:

With this new process I am developing in my business, I was getting the pieces all put together but I had a shortfall in this one area where I was struggling just getting the connection put together,

and as I was working on trying to get the connection to bring all the pieces together,

it was then,

not before,

it was at the time I needed it,

that I came across on the Internet a video that showed me the software program that I needed to complete the process. (This was a temporary mentor.)

This was a solution that I was actively looking for “as I was doing and working in my business.”

So here’s the answer:

You Find a Mentor by being ready for one. - Robert Frank Click To Tweet

Remember this, mentors come in all shapes and sizes,

be open to opportunity,

be open to receive,

be willing to act.

You will find success if that is your attitude and like the great Norman Vincent Peale has told us,

You Can if You Think You Can.

believe that, I do.

Has this been helpful for you?

Are you seeking a mentor for a business that you’re in, or are you looking to start a whole new business?

I actually mentor Home Business Entrepreneurs that are on my team. I am building a business and am currently seeking people with that right attitude which I’ve explained above that I can collaborate with, mentor, and build a long term mutually profitable business relationship.

If you think that that’s you, please respond to me by getting in touch and we can connect or you can Click this link and find out more.

I’m so glad that you came and spent this time with me, I hope that it was of some value to you in helping you find a mentor, and if it was please do leave a comment below I would love to hear what you have to say and discuss this some more.

To your Home Business Success!!

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