Below you will find tools and resources that I use or have used in my business. Each are highly recommended! Enjoy and let me know how you have used them in your business!

Attraction Marketing System
This is Where it All Starts! This is where the Top Earners Hang out! You will learn "Attraction Marketing". You will learn how to market your business! You will learn how to Monetize your Content and You Will Learn How to Brand Yourself! Get Started with Your Complete Attraction Marketing System Today and Hang out With the Best of the Best!

You must have an autoresponder for your follow up! I use Get Response because it is easy, user-friendly and I am able to track all of my stats. I can also create lead capture pages, surveys and forms!

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This is one of the best courses that I have been through. Tanya is very thorough in teaching step by step. The biggest benefit is being a part of the facebook group, that you have other people to run your ideas by. It's really a mastermind and is really helpful. Without something like this it's very easy to get stuck. Click Here and Build Your Online Brand and Blog!
done for you blogging system

If you are a little techno challenged or simply just don't have the time to set up your own blog, and you understand the importance of having a blog for your "Online Business Hub", then you definitely want to have this. Just login and start blogging!

The Ultimate Done For You Blogging System, Get it Now!

This Amazing little pop-up WP plug in Rocks! If you want more leads, get this for sure! Are you tired of seeing the same ol', same ol' pop-up's everywhere? Everyone's immune to them. This little Skype Call pop-up is irresistible and unique! You can have redirect to any page that you like or you can even have it redirect to skype you! Amazing!

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Try Market Samurai For Free!

This is the Best Keyword Research tool, Bar None! I use this in my research daily. I get ideas for blog posts, I am quickly able to generate keywords, analyze keywords and ultimately choose the best keyword with the lowest competition giving me the best opportunity to rank on the search engines and google. If you are serious about building your business with a blog, Market Samurai is a Must Have!

Grab a Free copy of Market Samurai for your Keyword Research Today and start Ranking your content!

This little WP plugin is a life saver! So you've done your keyword research and you have decided what keyword you will build you blog post around. Great! Now... how are you going to get the correct on page optimization for your SEO? I know I would not be able to do it without this Squirrly little plug in. I did a blog post with a video training on using Squirrly that touches on some of the benefits. It also gives your reports by email to let you know how your blog is doing as a whole. This is a complete SEO plug in and a must have if you are serious about getting traffic from the search engines!

Click Here and Start Optimizing Your Posts Now!

Audience Builder Pro
You want More Traffic, More Leads and More Sales? This is Set in Once and Forget it! Audience Builder Pro Automatically syndicates your content and generates back links to your blog! This is a must SEO tool that I use and swear by. Because of this one strategy I am getting ranked First page on search engines for my chosen keyword, sometimes in less than 24 hours! Seriously, if you want traffic and leads Get this!

This is a great source for traffic and leads. I buy leads and traffic from this source! Enrique is great to work with and provides excellent customer service. I have found the leads purchased are responsive and are actually waiting for your call! The traffic campaigns that I have purchased have all generated traffic, leads and sales!

 Buy Leads and Traffic Here!

OK, so you now have leads, now what? How are you going to keep track of them and have a systematic way of following up? It is proven and tested that the fortune is in the follow-up. The Best CRM system on the market, built by marketers for marketers. This Customer Relationship Manager has all of the Bells and Whistles! You can have templated emails to send out to prospects, set your tasks, integrate with autoresponder rate your prospects, set reminders and endless sorting capabilities. If you are calling leads, whether you purchased them or generated them yourself, this CRM is a must have. This is what I use in my business and has eliminated all of the paper and increased conversions! Test Drive the Best CRM for 10 days Now and see for yourself!

Thanks for checking out the tools and resources that I use in my business. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about any of the above. Please comment below and share your experience with any of the resources listed. This is much appreciated and can help others in their decision on the right tools for their business!

To your Home Business Success!!

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