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heating and cooling repairDo you know how hard it is to find a good quality contractor? A contractor that you can trust? Especially an HVAC contractor when you are at their mercy, Because it HAS TO BE FIXED.

There are so many horror stories with contractors of all kinds.

I am here to share with you one of the best experiences that I have had with a contractor, a heating and cooling repair company at that.

heating and cooling repairI recently moved to a house that is kind of a fixer upper, built in 1902. Well it needed a new furnace and trying to get a new hvac system before winter hit, I thought I was in good shape because it was going to be about a month before cold weather set in.

So I had a company come out to give me an estimate for a new furnace. Everything was fine. He said that he had to check on some prices and would get back to me. So I thought great.

A week goes by, haven’t heard anything.

I understand that they are busy and don’t really want to bug them, but decided to call. I left a message for this particular heating and cooling repair company. Waited a couple more days. (Because I did not get a returned call.) Then called again, left a message.

Started to get a little antsy, winter is coming.

No return call.

Doesn’t that just drive you crazy. Can’t even call you back. I mean what’s up with that?

Finally I start calling some contractor friends to see if they know of any good, reliable heating and cooling repair contractors, because the nights are starting to get colder and I know there will be a wait time once I find the right person for the job.

I got a couple of names and called them for an estimate. Both came out.

One of them was the same story as the first.


Leave messages.

Never hear anything.

It’s really starting to get cold, I’m starting to get concerned.

The other contractor came out. He gave me a price.

Oh my gosh, I just about dropped over. It was so extremely high!


So now I’m starting to get discouraged. It’s getting cold, apparently nobody wants to do the job.

Then, a couple days later I met a neighbor and told her about my dilemma. And she said.

Call Kulenkamp, he does everyone’s HVAC work around here.

She said that she did not have the number but he was in the phone book. Well I looked on the internet and found his website.

and then clicked on the testimonial page and was blown away with what people were saying about this heating and cooling repair company in Warrensburg, MO.

Go look at these testimonials!

So I called and set an appointment. I met with Willie Kulenkamp. He came in and spent some time looking at what I had, he looked at repair possibilities. He explained the costs of propane and that last year it was 5 or 6 dollars per gallon. That the price of propane fluctuates.

He explained that we could do a standard furnace but he really recommended a high efficiency unit since I was on propane.

He wasn’t selling me, he was thoroughly explaining all of my options.

He gave me the time frame of when he would be able to do the work. Which as it’s starting to get cold, this is a Huge concern for me.

Needles to say I was extremely impressed with him and decided that night that he was going to install my furnace.

I received his estimates and made a decision to go with the high efficiency furnace. And the price was reasonable! I scheduled the job with him and asked if he needed any money to get started. He explained not until the job was done.

By the way, this was a complete job, repairing and replacing ductwork too. I guess that’s why I didn’t hear back from the other guys, it wasn’t a gravy install.

You know just pull out a unit and put one back in it’s place. This project actually required thinking, craftsmanship and work.

You know work is a bad word for some people, including some businesses. But not Willie and his crew, they came out and worked their Butts off!

Very impressed with the whole transaction.

I highly recommend, without reservation, Kulenkamp and sons Heating and Cooling Repair Company!

Watch the short testimonial video below.

 I hope that you enjoyed my story and you may be asking….

What in the heck does this have to do with home business?

Well I’m going to tell you if you did not already pick up on it.

Willie was such a great example of how to do business, any business.

Small business, home business, large corporation.

  • Put your customer or potential customer first.
  • Be the expert and find out how you can solve their problem.
  • Follow through with what you said you will do.
  • Be trustworthy
  • Have integrity
  • Work hard
  • Have some respect and Call Them Back!
  • And always remember, It is not about you.

If you do these things, their is no other option except for success! No matter what your business is.

Henry Ford said: “The man that will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed.”

I just want to finish up by saying Thank You for coming by and spending some time with me. It is a real honor!

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Again, Thank You for stopping by. Please comment below if this heating and cooling repair review helped you with your decision on choosing an HVAC contractor. Please also comment if this has helped your with your business in any way!

“Go with God’s Strength and never be afraid.”

To your Home Business Success!!

Robert Frank
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