How to Create Your Email Campaign Autoresponder Series

You’re in for a treat here, This alone is going to Change Your Business! I have searched and searched for this information, just for some assistance in this area of create an email campaign. I have purchased course after course. Spent hundreds of dollars to find this out. Email CampaignEvery one of the courses omitted this info. The Details, the Details that you need to know. The guru secrets.

I’m going to break this down very simple for you. If you will implement this in Your Business, you will start to see more results with your email list and This is what You Want.

Eleven Sequence Email Campaign

Day 0: Welcome email. Deliver what requested. Whatever your offer is.

Day 1: Email making sure requested information was received. Ask question about what they thought about or how it impacted them. (This is very important, you want to engage with your list as a friend, which is what they are, as you are starting to build a relationship). Always remember that the person on the other end is a Person.

Day 2: Send email telling your story. As people, this is how we connect with other people. Just be real.

Day 3: Send email asking what they need help with. Something like, What one thing do you need the most help with right now?

Day 4: Send another message asking the same question as day before. Just making sure you got it.

Day 5: Send and email with a testimonial.

Day 6: Send an email message with a story. This could be a story about something that has happened to you in your business, or something that has happened to someone you know in their home business.

Day 7: Include in your email campaign a bonus or bonuses for getting involved with you. What are the benefits of getting involved in business with you? What kind of value can you provide to make it a better proposition.

Day 8: Send and email with another testimonial.

Day 9: Email another story. Remember you really want to connect with the person reading your email.

Day 10: Send another bonus email message.

After this move to your default list. After they have gone through the series then you continue building the relationship and creating engaging conversations with your broadcast emails.

As you are building your email campaign list you will need to have a reliable autoresponder. I use and recommend GetReponse. They provide a free trial. I really like them because the platform is super user friendly with some of the most powerful features. Click Here to Get Your Free Trial.

If you found this information about creating your email campaign, please comment below. Please feel free to contact me by email or phone.


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