The objective of content marketing is to engage the reader and create a following

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Content MarketingWhen content is constructed and written utilizing basic search engine optimization methods it will satisfy search engines and attract an ever growing readership.

There is a definite framework for developing efficient content. Especially if that content’s ultimate goal is to generate traffic, get leads and make sales.

So let’s dive in below I will explain some simple tips for engaging your reader and achieving your desired outcome, Get more leads and more sales.

Marketing Blogs – Know Your Target Market

The first step to construct a lucrative blog is always to know your audience.

Who would you like to attract and why?

Think niche marketing rather than mass marketing.

Write content as if you were speaking to a single person who represents your perfect customer.

Study your market place first and your efforts will Pay Off Big Time.

As soon as your target market is identified, it’s much easier to know what they want and why. This will allow for much more focused content creation. For more detailed information about creating your Avatar (target market), Click Here.

Why did you produce that Facebook post/blog post/YouTube video?

What was your ultimate objective?

Several marketers blithely post stuff all over the place with no actual thought or purpose. They do it because they know they have to do it, there is no plan behind it.

It is Very Important to Have a Purpose with all of your Content.

A cohesive on-line marketing plan is necessary. You should know why you are performing the activity, whether it is to get an e-mail address, a lead or a sale.

Branding your blog can be a natural approach that takes place over time. Keep your message constant and keep content flowing (Consistency).

Consider the name brands like Pepsi or Burger King we have all come to know and really like.

They are constantly marketing, making new, engaging content. And they are always reminding us why we must do business with them.

You want to do the same thing with your blog Consistently. Daily is best, but at least 2-3 times per week.

Content Marketing Blog – Give Value

Blogging has turned into a full-time career for a lot of people.

Six figure, even multiple six-figure businesses are not uncommon. The constant with all of these online businesses is they engage their audience regularly with content that adds value to their chosen market avatar.

Content of any type should be informative and beneficial. Since you know your target market inside & out then you already know what to write about. This will give your audience what they need, want and desire.

Write as if speaking to a buddy.

Ask questions and engage your audience by using polls and different types of interaction.

Spend far more time making fantastic content than producing lots of mediocre content.




When analyzing profitable content marketing blogs the first thing you’ll notice is the layout.

All the articles start with great headlines.

Brief, catchy and to the point.

The next thing you see is all the space inside and around the articles.

Instantly your brain says “this is going to be easy to read” and you start reading.

Use short sentences and short paragraphs consisting of only two or three sentences.

Add subheads, bullet points and numbered lists.

For more guidance on the way to publish a phenomenal blog, search the internet and you are going to uncover hundreds, even thousands of fantastic models. Study, apply and make it happen!

Here’s a good place to start: Top 42 Content Marketing Blogs.

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