Robert Frank is a success driven Entrepreneur that receives great joy in helping people on their journey in becoming a successful home business owner.

Robert’s journey started when he was 10 years old. He mowed lawns and shoveled driveways, he found that with a little hustle and work ethic, he could make money. He also found the great joy of service and a job well done.

When he was 12 he had a bicycle paper route before and after school including Saturday’s and Sunday’s. He got up early, rolled the newspapers, or bagged them if it was raining and delivered his route. He also collected for the paper and solicited new subscriptions. When he would write a new subscription, he was not rewarded in money but in wooden nickels.

Robert wanted a new bike and not just any bike, but a Mongoose BMX bike, he dreamed about it and thought about it all the time. What color it would be, the type of handle bars it would have and the number plate that would be on it.

Blue MongooseThe person that was awarded the number one carrier for new subscriptions was Robert Frank and he had accumulated enough wooden nickels to purchase his Brand New blue Mongoose with a Haro number plate from The Bike Shack. This was a milestone in Robert’s life as he obtained a major goal and had a real sense of accomplishment!

Robert has gone on to other achievements as well. He has built a successful and profitable construction company.

Jim RohnRobert Frank was introduced to a network marketing company…

and became a Senior Sales Manager where he was in the top 1% of the company’s leadership, winning company paid trips and an $800.00 per month Bonus Car Allowance. The highlight of this experience was meeting and shaking hands with the great Jim Rohn in Cancun Mexico. This success is definitely attributed to building a highly productive team and providing exceptional leadership and mentorship.

Robert is a real estate investor where he has flipped residential real estate and purchased and held property assisting people in owner finance where people could not otherwise qualify for lending and also holds as rental property.

He also is an independent property claims adjuster where he founded and is president of Eagle Claims Service. His greatest joy in this endeavor is creating systems and training new adjusters. He is known for his attention to detail and exceptional customer service.

In the last week of August 2013 Robert was introduced to a network marketing opportunity. At the time he was not looking for anything else to do, but when he found out what the products did and the income potential, he just couldn’t say no. Stated by Robert Frank “When I was a boy, I watched my grandpa conduct meetings and draw circles on the whiteboard. I was hooked and knew that my destiny would include network marketing. After conducting my due diligence and evaluating the key components to the business, I found that it aligns with my core values. I was all-in.”

Robert is now embarking on the journey of his life and currently is seeking like minded entrepreneurs to collaborate with long-term. Contact Robert Frank directly for assistance and/or more information.


To your Home Business Success!!

Robert Frank
Success Coach

Robert Frank


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