Are You Ready for a Blogging Challenge? For 21 Days – Can You Do it? Will You Do it?

Ye21 Day Blogging Challenges this is a Call to Action!

Are you tired of the same ol’?

It’s time! It Is Time For Change!

Are You With Me?

Simple as that?

If you have a Business, You need a blog and you need a Blogging Challenge!

Who has time to set up a blog? What about all of the research necessary to figure out wordpress?




Do you know what all of that stuff means? Oh my gosh! For the average small business owner or the average person that has or wants a home based business, There is no Time for that! (or patience)

So the option is to hire someone to create it for you… Thousands of dollars along with maintenance contracts and you HOPE they will do a good job, you hope that they can see your vision.

What if they don’t and you have to start all over from scratch? I had to do that once, then I decided to learn how to create my own blog. Well, I’m going to tell you. I have purchased courses, I have spent hours and hours researching and learning and constantly perfecting my blog.

Never before has it been this easy to set up a blog and all you do is just start producing content.

You might ask. What kind of content? What would I write about? Well if you have a business, you would write to your existing and future customers. You would provide information about what you do or have and how it could help them.

You could even include articles and/or videos on how to do stuff.

You could even write about what you are passionate about. Your customers would appreciate that as they get to know you better. Really all business is about relationships. Creating new ones and building them. And these relationships are with, guess who?

People, that’s right, you are in the people business. So share stories and stuff that other people can relate to.

If you have a business and you don’t have a blog and producing content for it consistently You Will Soon Be Obsolete! That’s just a Fact!

By the way… Jobs that pay more than $10.00 per hour are soon to be obsolete as well.

Have you seen the movie “Rise of the Entrepreneur”?

Here’s the movie trailer that will give you an idea.

I have a Solution for your 21 Day Challenge for Blogging

Here’s an example to the blog I’m talking about. It is all point and click. I have spent 15 minutes setting it up so far. I will be starting my 21 Day Blogging Challenge with it tomorrow. Click here to see it.

Go ahead and click this link now and get your blog up and running now! Seriously Point & Click! 

Comment Below and let me know if you are going to do this Challenge with me. Contact me if you need any assistance!

To your Home Business Success!!

Robert Frank
Success Coach

Robert Frank


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